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Ecolab is on a continuous journey to be a leader in product safety and sustainability. Our policies and programs have been developed to protect what is vital - People Health, Planet Health and Business Health.

When it comes to our products, we consider the total impact on both human health and the environment. Our Impacts That Matter criteria and packaging principles help ensure that Ecolab products are designed with sustainability in mind without compromising safety or performance.

Ecolab is a leader in the industry in developing new, effective solutions that help our customers drive operational efficiency, product quality, safety and compliance while minimizing environmental impact throughout a product’s lifecycle.


Ecolab designs products for maximum positive impact. Our primary objective is to help customers achieve significant sustainability, safety and productivity gains in their own operations, while minimizing the footprint of the products we deliver. 艺康的每个人都各自承担着自己的责任,可持续性设计的基础已经深深植入我们的研究与开发过程中。


Ecolab's product sustainability programs are built in partnership with our regulatory teams to go beyond regulation to help ensure best practices in chemical footprint management. 作为我们在该领域操作实践的年度总结的一部分,艺康参与了化学足迹项目。

In 2021, we refreshed our internal sustainability policies to reflect the latest in product stewardship best practices and scientific evidence on chemicals of high concern.



艺康致力于确保我们的产品和包装有助于促进安全性和可持续性。 We continuously improve our designs to help minimize waste and safely deliver best-in-class experiences for our customers. Our commitment to excellence in packaging is supported by a global team of more than 50 packaging professionals, including engineers, materials scientists, analysts and technicians.

By 2030, our ambition is to have moved to reusable or recyclable-by-design packaging for non-regulated products. Currently, 91% of Ecolab's packaging by weight is reusable or recyclable-by-design.

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  • 我们在开拓性包装技术方面拥有悠久的历史。例如,与传统包装相比,我们的SmartPower™技术通过用收缩膜包装组取代5加仑塑料桶,最多可减少99%的塑料使用量。
  • 此外,我们率先采用可重复使用的容器盛装浓缩产品,并将消费后的回收塑料树脂(PCR)纳入我们的许多包装中。过去17余年以来,我们的SolidPower™ XL包装桶使用了40%的消费后树脂。
  • 2023年,我们使用了超过600万磅消费后塑料树脂。
  • Aligned with circular economy principles, Ecolab continues to deliver virgin plastic resin avoidance. In 2023, we avoided 14.5 million pounds of virgin plastic resin. This impact represents 17% of Ecolab's total plastic packaging by weight.
  • We have accomplished this through:
    • Reduction: Packaging with reduced plastic content and concentrated product alternatives with lower plastic packaging.
    • Reuse: Packaging reuse and purchase of reconditioned plastic containers and IBCs/totes.
    • Recycling: Incorporation of post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials into packaging.
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Ecolab并不直接购买棕榈油或棕榈油衍生物。但是,我们所有提供棕榈衍生材料的供应商合作伙伴均为Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil(RSPO)的成员,以确保可持续和负责任的采购。


Ecolab supports human rights organizations to end violence and atrocities in Central Africa, specifically the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and nine adjoining countries.