The next several years present a crucial time to make a positive impact and set an example of sustainability leadership.

Our 2030 Impact Goals are focused on the change we aim to create for our company, communities, customers and environment. With these ambitious goals to achieve alongside customers and in our own operations, we are working to support a safe and healthy world with enough resources for all.








Help clean 90 billion hands and provide safe medical care for 116 million people each year, reducing more than 1.7 million infections.


Help customers become carbon neutral by reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 6 million metric tons, preventing almost 10 million pollution-related illnesses.



Alongside the impact we make with our customers, we know we can make a difference through our own operations. We are making steady, measurable progress toward our 2030 goals around water, climate, diversity, equity and inclusion, and safety.


全球水资源挑战正在日益加剧。 根据 世界资源研究所(WRI)的预测,如果再不采取行动,我们的世界到2030年将面临56%的淡水短缺。因此,艺康致力于在水资源方面发挥积极影响。至2030年,我们的目标是:

  • 回收超过50%的取水量,并在我们运营范围内的高风险流域获得水资源管理联盟标准(AWS)认证
  • 在全企业范围内实现每单位产量对水资源产生40%积极影响(用水效率与水源补给相结合)的目标

We reduced overall water impact intensity by 25%, from our 2018 base year, by:

  • Implementing Ecolab solutions such as 3D TRASAR™, Water Flow Intelligence and digital tools like the Smart Water Navigator, to support smart water management practices
  • Delivering on projects that resulted in approximately 27 million gallons (~103,000 cubic meters) of water savings
  • Introducing an internal water management tool to guide facility teams on water reduction, reuse and recycling methods

We restored water in our communities, reducing and replenishing 34% of our absolute water withdrawal at high-risk sites by:

  • Working with partners within the local water basins in which we operate to understand shared water challenges and addressing them with nature-based solutions
  • Completing water efficiency and reuse projects that reduce our dependency on community water supplies

We have achieved Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) certification at six facilities, resulting in water savings of almost 50 million gallons (~190,000 cubic meters) annually.


加入抗击气候变化的行动势在必行。以科学为依据的目标为各公司提供了清楚明确、面向未来的增长之路。 艺康将在2030年将碳排放减半,在2050年实现净零碳排放,在2030年实现在运营中采用100%的可再生能源。


  • 来自艺康拥有或控制的运营设施的直接温室气体排放量(范围1)
  • 来自艺康拥有或控制的运营设施的间接温室气体排放量(范围2)
  • 并非来自艺康拥有或直接控制的运营设施,但与我们的活动相关的温室气体排放量(范围3)

To help meet our ambitious goals, we use a combination of tactics supported by science-based strategies. In 2021, we:

  • Reduced absolute Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions by 28%, from our 2018 base year, by focusing on process improvement projects that reduced total energy consumption by almost 5.4 billion BTUs
  • Sourced 69% of our total electricity from renewable sources
  • Piloted vehicle fleet electrification projects in Europe and North America


我们认为,一支多元化、包容且富有使命感的团队对于 我们的员工、公司、客户和社区的成功至关重要。随着我们寻求达到或超越我们开展业务的市场中的多元化程度,这些目标作为一个意在推动重大变革的步骤,用于增进我们组织内的多元化、平等性和包容性。


  • 致力于实现联合国可持续发展目标5:性别平等
  • 在美国做到艺康薪酬平等并向全球范围扩展
  • 将管理层的性别多元化提高到35%,并以性别平等作为最终目标
  • 在我们力求打造一支由美国各族裔员工组成的队伍的过程中,将管理层的种族/族裔多元化提高至25%

We use a combination of strategies to help us on our path to meet our 2030 Impact Goals around diversity including:

  • Demonstrating leadership from the top levels of our organization
  • Setting tangible, team-based targets
  • Creating more diverse candidate pools
  • Educating our employee base on the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Leveraging Employee Resource Groups

As a result of these efforts, in 2021:

  • 38% of all new management-level hires globally were women and 35% of all new management-level hires in the U.S. were people of color
  • More than one third of our global workforce has completed an Allyship in Action training course
  • We grew management-level gender diversity to 25.5% and management-level ethnic/racial diversity in the U.S. to 18.8%.